We know that there are certain things that are very important to your customers – while style is the thing that draws people in, comfort is the factor that will keep them there and persuade them to return. A chair that has lost its stuffing or a seat that is stained with spilt beer will not attract the punters. Lovely stools, chairs and sofas, offering style and comfort, may not be something that is remarked upon at the time, but it will be remembered.

One of the most challenging and yet enjoyable projects we undertake are the pub, club and restaurant makeovers. We work with youas the owner or management to decide upon a ‘look’ and then, using our years of expertise and extensive list of contacts in the fabric and design world, we give your furniture a complete makeover. 

Whether you are going for the jazz-club, cool look complete with back swivel counter stool, the simple wooden, backless stools of a city wine bar, the comfortable chairs and sofas of a rural pub, or urban chic metal bar stools, we will be in a position to help you achieve it. Whatever variation in design and fabric, we will work with you to understand the look and atmosphere you are seeking to create in your pub, restaurant or club. 

Each piece of furniture will get a custom makeover, during which we will firstly check out all the joints and strapping to ensure that your furniture is fit for purpose. Repairs to the chairs will be assessed for cost-effectiveness and, if agreed, will be carried out. We will ensure that any stuffing is replaced with foam to give the chairs a consistent surface and high levels of comfort. 

Then is the exciting part of the job as we work with the fabrics and materials of your choice to give the furniture the look you are after.