As upholsterers who have been in the business for many years, we can offer you piece of mind that your valuable furniture is in good hands. We recognise and respect that the furniture you have chosen for your home is part of you and your story. Every piece of furniture, antique and modern, has a history and it is our job to ensure that it continues to be part of your life.

We believe that every piece of furniture has its own identity and deserves to receive bespoke treatment. We will take the care that is needed to restore or mend your piece of furniture. If that means hours of careful paring back to reveal the original woodwork – we will do it; if it means breathing life into an old piece with a splash of contemporary colour or a designer-made fabric, we have the knowledge, eye for detail and experience to do it.

Whatever your upholstery and restoration needs, we have the skilled workforce to deliver the very best service. Sofa, chairs, accessories – come and visit us in our workshop or give us a call and we can talk through the service that you need.