New collections to watch for this Spring

For some people furniture should be like background music, you only really notice it when it stops, so perfectly is it in accord with the current environment. It shouldn’t jar, be discordant or draw unnecessary attention to itself. Other people like their furniture to sing. They like each piece to tell a story or elicit a reaction. Fundamentally, furniture and the fabrics with which you decorate it, tell the story of you. they reflect your character and your beliefs. From bold, bright and vibrantly colourful through to natural, understated and peaceful, we set out to help you get the look and feel to your furniture and fabrics that reflect you.

And sometimes, you don’t know that you like a certain style until you see it for real. Many customers will talk to us about the fabrics and colour schemes they are planning and, in the course of the conversation, new possibilities will emerge – the sofa that was to have been covered in a neutral brown will suddenly have a dash of yellow running through it. 

Getting on trend

One of the things that is so exciting about having a space to display the fabrics is that it enables us to showcase the new trends for the season, opening our customer’s minds to just what is available. With new designers, new ideas and exciting collaborations between manufacturers and designers, there is always something that will excite, enthuse or challenge the customer’s original ideas. Here we pick some of the beautiful fabrics that will be getting people talking this year.

Subtle and stylish from Romo

From the Romo stable of fabric design we are stocking the new Cubis Printed Linara range. There is a definite Moroccan look to this newcomer. The contemporary geometric squares, decorative branches and classic stripes are picked out in a range of subtle neutrals, pastel pink, forest green and sunflower yellow. This is a collection that adds an interesting character and style to your room without smacking you in the face.

Burgerman adds colour

For big, bold and beautiful look no further than Kirkby design. As far from subtle as you can get but making an unapologetic designer statement is the collection of doodle art-inspired fabric from Jon Burgerman. Burgerman is renowned for his distinctive illustrative style and playful drawings and, in collaboration with Kirkby design, the collection is everything you would expect from this colour-driven creative. Burgerman has used paints, crayons, ink, marker pens and paper cut-outs to create a lively world of creatures, characters and shapes. Sofas, chairs and cushions will take on a  life of their own with this injection of doodle-art energy.

Going natural

At the polar end of style to the Burgerman range sits the Homespun Textured Weave collection from Mark Alexander. This is a collection based on the natural world and Mark Alexander’s use of textured linen gives a home woven feel to this fabric. Muted, understated and elegant, this is a fabric that will add a rustic feel to your room. The palette ranges from light brown through to a deep rusty red, with shades and hints of teal and green running through the collection. 

Casual but stylish

Worn and distressed is the look offered up by Geneva Vintage II from Villa Nova. The aim is for a casually stylish appearance, and it is achieved by the stonewash effect finish, which replicates the look of stonewashed denim. The block colour is broken up by stripes in a range of colours. 

Here at the Upholstery Workshop we believe in meeting the customer’s requirements, which is why we have built our fabric showroom. The showroom is next door to our busy workshop and offers customers a chance to see the wide range of fabric we have available. More than that, we believe that giving our customers a chance to touch the fabrics and see them in a real setting will allow them to make an informed choice. 

We also have an in-house designer who is always on hand to offer advice and perhaps open up some furnishing options that had not been immediately obvious.